Competition Entry for the Korea War Memorial. A collaboration with William J McKee/Archideckchair

The experience from car to memorial was to be a sequential relinquishing of reality and immersion into a memorial experience. First step is to leave your vehicle and enter a permeable forest scattered with follies and useful structures which are intended as seductresses that will entice people into the forest: information kiosk, toilet, park bench This too is our invitation for personal memory.

The veil is omnipresent and runs the length of the site. It is intermittently experienced as a glimpse (from the road side), a longitudinal strip of colour perforated by tree trunks and obscured by canopies (in the forest) and then as a looming mysterious and ambiguous presence (at the southern river bank) and then as a unifying red veil which provides orientation and continuity for the building enclosures which hang from its northern side.